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We are a company located in the southern half of England with a wealth of experience in leak detection, helping homeowners find the position of leaks that have been causing water damage resulting in costly repairs to their homes.

Quite often there will be no visible evidence of a water escape and it may not be possible for you or your plumber to locate the source of the leak. This can be due to obstacles such as walls, cupboards and flooring. We have the equipment to detect leaks through solid concrete! This is where our leak detection service can be most useful as the equipment we use is designed to find a leak ANYWHERE in your property without causing damage.

Leaks on central heating systems can lead to your boiler losing pressure on sealed systems which could mean you have a hidden leak on the pipework somewhere in your property. Our engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered and are experienced in all aspects of boilers and heating systems.

By using our specialist equipment we are able to locate water leaks to within 1 square meter, which drastically minimises the area to be excavated in order to fix the leak.

Benefits of appointing Southern Leak Locators:

• Non destructive leak detection

• Minimised property damage and disruption

• Keep costs to a minimum

• Stop high water bills

• Provide photographic reports to illustrate locations and damage being caused

We can locate leaks hidden by:-

• Concrete flooring

• Wooden or laminate flooring

• Ceramic and tiled flooring

• Carpeted floors

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