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Southern Leak Locators use varying leak detection methods including:-

This is our most used piece of leak detection equipment used internally on properties to provide “x-rays” showing hidden pipework.

Our thermal imaging cameras allow us to track the routing of hidden pipework by reading infrared radiation, sometimes identifying a leak as a hot or cold spot.

This is a very sensitive microphone that amplifies specific frequencies of sound associated with leaking water.  This is usually utilised on leaking water mains outside however can be used succesfully on internal water issues also.

Correlators are sensitive and powerful electronic devices used to locate leaks on pressurised pipework such as water mains.  Two or more sensors are placed in contact with the pipework on both sides of a suspected leak.   These sensors record and submit the sound recorded by radio, to the processing unit which analyses the noise profiles of the leaking water and uses a computer algorithm to identify the location of water escape.

This is a process which uses non toxic pressurised gas injected into the suspected leaking pipework or heating system.  Where this gas then excapes from, can be tracked using a gas detector which allows us to very accurately locate any leak, even under concrete.

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